Faringitis (sore throat)

image Faringitis is an inflammation of the throat (faring). The cause faringitis are 1.faringitis virus  2.faringitis bacteria.

Faringitis may be caused by viruses or bacteria. Most are caused by viruses, including viruses cause common cold, flu, adenovirus, or mononukleosis HIV. The bacteria that cause faringitis is streptokokus group A, korinebakterium, arkanobakterium, Neisseria gonorrhoeae or Chlamydia pneumoniae.

Whether the infection of virus and bacteria, the same symptoms, namely cough, sore throat and painful swallow. Mucous coat of inflammation faring experience heavy or light and closed by a membrane white color or can be pus.

Other symptoms include: - fever - lymph gland enlargement in the neck - the increased number of white blood cell. Symptoms can be found in the infection because the virus or bacteria, but is more typical symptoms from infection due to bacteria.

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